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Episode Choose Your Story, the Episode Interactive story teller, manages the iOS and Android Market. Interactive features and the ability to create great stories make the game mandatory. Teens love to play this game because there are so many great genres. From romantic stories to fiction – a great choice.

This is a unique game because you do not need to win or lose anything in the game. Each story consists of several decisions that you need to make wisely, or you can simply use Episode hack. Your choice will have an original influence on the story. Thus, the whole story can be changed by a single decision that you make. One thing is certain, when you start playing an Episode game, you will surely be amazed!

What is Episodes?
The name of many Episodes is referred to as chapters, and, according to the developers, the game has more than 20,000 stories. Each story is called a chapter; So you can not be bored playing this game.

Episode usually contains a small part of the story and ends at every critical point that may cause you to be curious. Fantastic genres offer you a story of desires. Even there are some too long stories that can take days to complete.

Users can read fantastic stories, and most of the stories published by developers are fantastic.
If someone wants to learn something new, this is a great way to create a great story. This can help promote creativity.
In this game, you can create all sorts of stories, and you will like the fact that most of them are read by others.
As if the story was fantastic, more people will play it, and you can find hidden talent in it.
There are many stories that can be played, and a great way to create them. Just focus on writing an innovative story that is unique to others and has a happy ending, not confusing everything. This is a really important task.

What are passes?
As you know, there are great stories in the game that you can read, but first you need passages. They can be obtained in different ways. The easiest way is to buy them through in-app purchases. It is fast, fast and reliable, but it needs real currency. Another possibility is to use Episode cheats.

On the other hand, the developers offer you three passes every four hours. It works with the user code, so you cannot fool the game by moving the time forward four hours and recovering it. Waiting is better because you save money with this method.

Nevertheless, the game has been criticized by thousands of players in the ranking of the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The problem was in the passports, because most people do not want to wait, but the game goes well and is becoming increasingly popular.

Integrated gameplay:
Episode game has a large collection of various stories that can be played on iOS and Android platforms. In the game you will find thousands of stories made up of different genres, such as adventure, romance, action and much more. Each story has several episodes that can be gradually unlocked.

In each episode, you will be faced with some decisions that you need to take to continue the story. This choice can be simple, for example, decide which dress to wear to a party, or difficult, for example, choose a man from a couple for a date. You must make these decisions carefully, as one mistake can change the whole story. To unlock these Episodes, you will need a lot of game currencies, which are discussed in detail below.

There are innumerable stories available in Episode, and each story consists of several chapters or episodes. However, only the first few episodes of each story are unlocked and can be read. If you want to continue reading the story, you need to unlock the rest of the episodes by spending the gaps. Thus, without gaps, you will not be able to advance in history. Therefore, obtaining passes becomes an important task in the game.

If you enter the game every two hours, you can earn passes as a reward. There are many contests held by game developers. You can participate in them, and the winner can earn countless passes. Social networks play a vital role in the game. You can invite new friends to the Episode game, and whenever someone accepts your invitation, you get points. Sync your gaming account with Facebook to get a one-time reward.

By completing various quests in the game, you can earn passes. Most players buy passes for real money, because they do not want to spend their time acquiring them using traditional methods. However, the best alternative for them is to use Episode cheats to get unlimited passes.


Gems are the main currency needed to buy various items in the game, such as the clothes of a game character, etc., and also for making important decisions. To earn gems, you need to work hard in the game. Earn a daily bonus in the form of gems, registering every day. Most players buy Gems for real money. If you do not want to spend money to purchase gems, you can use Episode Hack.

Post your stories:
An amazing feature of the game is that you can show your creativity to the world by publishing your stories. So, if you like writing stories, then you should take advantage of this great opportunity. As soon as your story is published, countless gamers will read it, so you need to make sure that you write fascinating and error-free stories.

It is important to check the stories that have already gained popularity in the Episodes game so that you get a general idea of ​​which stories have a tendency. Another way to learn popular game stories is to join the game developer’s Facebook page. On this page, several players will publish their experience, as well as reviews of read stories. This way, you will learn the most popular stories and will be able to write your story accordingly.

Another aspect you need to ensure is to make your stories completely free of grammatical errors. Your story will be read by millions of players, so it should be 100% unique and exciting. As mentioned above, each story is divided into several episodes. Your story should have room for development so that you can continue to write and publish various publications for it. Moreover, the story should be fascinating, so that the reader is tempted to unlock the next episode.

Episode: Choose Your Story game consists of thousands of stories. To make a published story popular, you need to promote it in various ways. Some of the methods that you can use to advertise your story are through social networks, mobile marketing, email marketing, etc.

Sync your game:
You can synchronize your game account with social network accounts, such as Facebook, by clicking on the Settings menu. This will allow you to communicate with millions of players around the world. Most players share their reviews on each story on the FB game page. By reading their thoughts, you can decide whether you want to play the game or choose another.

In addition, you should go to the game forums page, where you can solve issues related to the game. Game developers have even provided a help page where you can read frequently asked questions about the game. Most of the issues that gamers have in mind have been resolved here. Some of the topics that are discussed on the help page: writing tips, creating stories, making the right decisions, etc.

Interesting spelling:
Every story accessible in the game takes the form of a short dialogue format. This aspect of the Episode game makes it easier to connect to the current generation, as the way of writing is similar to various popular chat apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, and so on. Nowadays, the younger generation spends most of their time chatting with these apps. So if you play a game that resembles your routine tasks, the Episode game is gaining in popularity. The game can be played by players over 13 years. Young adults can easily identify with most of the stories published in the game as they highlight both their problems and their lifestyle. So, Episode: Choose Your Story game wins much recognition among current smartphone players.

Attractive features:
Some of the interesting aspects of the game that make it popular around the world are that most of the stories are interactive and encourage you to think and evolve. You can play a different genre of stories every day, and the outcome depends entirely on the choices you make. The game character in each story can be customized to your liking. You can change skin color, hair, face, and so on, and choose what your story avatar should look like.

All in all, Episode game offers the opportunity to keep you busy forever. As new stories are added each day, there is not a single time that you can not pick a story of your choice. So, start playing and try the Episode Choose Your Story hack now and enjoy it!